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As a Marriage and Family Therapist I work with adult individuals, with couples, children and youth, and families at every stage of life.

Times of transition, new challenges, work or school stress, financial concerns, loss, health issues, and just the everyday ups and downs of life can all contribute to temporary or longer periods of difficulties in coping for individuals and couples.


As a parent of four children in their teens and early twenties, I am acutely aware of the challenges that young people and families face on a daily basis. I understand how difficult it can be as a parent to know what to do when a child or teen struggles or when there is family conflict. I work collaboratively with parents and guardians to find effective solutions to family issues, and I have extensive experience in helping children and teens overcome difficulties.

Whether you are an adult seeking individual or couple therapy, or are a parent or guardian looking for help for a child or young person, you are welcome to call and ask questions about the therapy process and I will do what I can to help you.


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